Teodora Migdalovici at McCann Sarajevo: How to turn a cliché into attention grabbing concept

Creative industry can help society to progress


Who is responsible for the reputation of a country, the way it is represented in foreign media, its citizens who are facing strange clichés and stereotypes every time they travel abroad, and how much it has to do with business and creativity? These were the key issues addressed at the first lecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina of Teodora Migdalovici, ambassador of the International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions, held in the offices of McCann Sarajevo. Reflections which she shared with the participants of this training on the topic Let’s find out how to win a Cannes Lion yielded potential answers on how to make a good rebranding of a country, and how creative industry can be the ambassador of change that ultimately affects the prospects for business. One of the interesting approaches suggested in the lecture is certainly that a cliché can be transformed into a concept that will attract the attention of the public, inevitably choosing the communication trends of today.



“Today, it’s easier than ever to spot, develop, and launch creative ideas. Social networks, technology, the potential for co-creation and the simpler approach that the brands have in relation to the public allows them to progress in situations where large budgets are not available,” says Teodora.

Instead of advertising, Teodora chooses the word caring, because brands today need to show that they care, feel, and cater to their consumer. That is why empathy and emotional intelligence are necessary in a creative approach, because creative feeling is as important as creative thinking.

She recalled that the crisis, which hit us ten years ago, has affected large businesses and the way in which large agencies work. Nevertheless, the fact is that in this part of the world there is already a rooted formula for survival and development of business, which is do a lot, with as little money as possible. “When this topic is concerned, people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are masters of craft, and that’s what I appreciate and which can bring great results,” Teodora says, adding: “Bosnia and Herzegovina has such a rich culture of different religions, specific mentalities and ways to respond to life challenges. Today, creativity implies a problem-solving industry whose additional role is to support the progress of society.”



Be proud of national and cultural identity and drawing creative ideas from it; do not be afraid of great ideas; be determined; be persistent; work hard, because creativity also requires hard work. These are the guiding principles for those who want to make progress in this industry, says Teodora.

“I am sure that the creative resources of this country need only focus and determination, so that the result can be seen at international festivals of creativity. And if I may add, the local sense of humor, of all forms including even the black humor, I believe can certainly help them in that,” Teodora Migdalovici concluded.



About Teodora Migdalovici

She is the founder of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking in Romania, one of the most successful creative MBAs in South East Europe, which over the last three years won two Golden Cannes Lions. Teodora is a personal branding strategist at MEALCHEMY.COM. 



As an international speaker and trainer, she has been presenting at major world events related to the marketing and communications industry over the past 15 years. She has talked about the state and the future of the industry on the global stage in: Singapore, Paris, London, Lisbon, Zagreb, Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Mauritius. Her areas of expertise include personal branding and brand culture, lobbying, creative industry, emotional intelligence, customer care. As the author of professional publications and research and education projects, she has won numerous awards such as the Brand Leadership Award, the Global Super Achiever Award, the Private Diplomacy Award, the European Excellence Award and the Stevie Award.


At the invitation of McCann Sarajevo, she visited the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she held the lecture and a creative workshop Let’s find out how to win a Cannes Lion for the employees and clients of the agency.