Put some socks on, you'll catch a cold! You need classical socks with this suit and these shoes. How beautiful legs she has – I see it only now when she wore these socks. Your mother chooses only soft cotton socks for your first steps. I need a cool fashion accessory – give me these socks to complete the outfit. For a good match on the field, I need the right socks... 

In various moments of life, and in various circumstances, they are there, on our feet and legs – in single colour or very playful, made of cotton or polyamide, comfortable, soft and warm, challenging, inviting, compelling … These are all the features of the brand Gloria Line, a local BiH company from Banja Luka whose products, socks for women, men and children, for 20 years now inhabit the store shelves throughout the country and abroad. Thus, many customers tread in these socks in Germany and countries of the region: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, as 40% of the total production is export-oriented, and most of the total exports, whopping 90%, is sold in the German market.

A long-time proven quality is the reason why Gloria Line has its loyal customers, and to help them win new ones the company tapped McCann Sarajevo, which in a creative way presents the characteristics of the brand and product range of the company on the most popular social network in BiH, Facebook. All of the already loyal customers of the brand, but also potential new customers, at Gloria Line’s Facebook page, have the opportunity, among other things, to find out why Love without socks makes no sense; When are we ready for a lightning-fast walk; How to use the fiery colors of summer; Why classics do not go out of fashion.




“We chose Facebook as the main communication channel because it’s the most popular social network in which people spend a large part of their time. Also, it allows us two-way communication, it makes it easier to locate the target population, to disseminate information in various forms, all with the aim of increasing the awareness of our brand. We are extremely satisfied with the feedback we are receiving, where reactions and comments of our fans are steering us towards further development, for which we can thank the work of the agency McCann Sarajevo,” said Jasna Jović, Managing Director of Gloria Line Ltd.

An ambitious family business with love and imagination creates products for the whole family, and with each achieved business success they are trying to be in step with the wishes and needs of their customers. Aware of their business orientation, McCann Sarajevo, hired to design communication for the 20th anniversary of the company, created a slogan 20 years we walk together.


Through OOH channels a mini-campaign was implemented that has attracted significant attention of citizens in Tuzla, Bijeljina and Banja Luka, and especially in Sarajevo with an unusual installation – a clothesline with socks and label of Gloria Line.