McCann Sarajevo is part of the leading worldwide agency networks, home of great ideas overcoming the individual media channels, of key importance for the development of a successful communication.


We believe that truth is the trigger for unique and powerful ideas people would believe in, accept them in their daily lives and create a positive change in brand – user relations. Truth Well Told is our guiding principle, our passion and the basis for our long lasting success.


 We are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1997. We are a part of I&F McCann Grupa, one of the leading communication systems successfully operating in twelve countries of the southern and northern Europe.


I&F McCann Grupa is a part of McCann Worldgroup operating in 180 cities in more than 120 countries, owned by one of the biggest multinational communication companies Interpublic Group (IPG).


Agencies within the I&F McCann Grupa so far received more than 800 rewards at international, regional and local festivals, two of them certainly being  the most important advertising awards - Golden and Bronze Lion from Cannes Lions Festival.